Remove grey box from screen

you have a gray rectangle on your screen this box doesn’t appear on Windows desktop but it definitely exists when you play games and obviously you want to get rid of it

the first thing you should determine is if this rectangle comes from the monitor or from the computer the easiest way to do that is to make a screenshot if the gray box does not exist on the screenshot it probably has something to do with your monitor settings there are lots of monitors I cannot tell for all of them so you will have to figure that out on your own however if you make a screenshot and the gray box is still there that means the issue is probably software related if you try to Google this problem you may find suggestions about uninstalling AVG Antivirus that’s a good suggestion since nowadays antivirus programs are mostly useless and they definitely slow down your PC anyway in this particular case there is no AVG or any other antivirus installed other suggestions on the internet will have something to do with Nvidia someone will tell you to turn off the Nvidia experimental settings which are not turned on here in the first place most answers will be that this box is caused by Nvidia shadowplay and you have to disable that usually by pressing out that however since this seems to be helping most of you I’ll show you how to do that I assume you have GeForce experience overlay enabled then press alt Z to open it click on the Cog icon to go to settings scroll down the settings until you reach the very end which is called performance monitoring open it and most probably you have the always show reflex flash indicator enabled disable it click back and done and the gray box may be gone but it didn’t help in this case others will say about Nvidia performance indicator which can be activated by Alt R this is not the case still others will say something about Flash indicator or Nvidia FPS counter none of that helped in this particular case and I assume that this is exactly the reason why you came to this video you have tried all the solutions you could Google online and none of them worked and you still have that gray box on your monitor so if you checked all those very valid places in Nvidia settings and tried to turn them on or off and that didn’t help that means the problem is probably not with Nvidia but with Windows I will be showing the solution in Windows 11 however it will be mostly the same for Windows 10. so what finally helps to get rid of this gray box in this particular case is go to Windows notification settings and disable the feature which is called get notifications from from apps and other senders after that the gray box disappeared completely if you still want the notifications you may get away with just disabling get tips and suggestions when I use Windows so this is the solution a very simple way to get rid of that annoying gray box in games and other applications

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