Turn off Playstation camera

Not everyone knows that you have to connect a Playstation Eye camera to use your Plastation Move controller.

The console uses the camera to detect when you move the controller towards the TV or away from it, and to fine-tune the data from the device accelerometer. And also, it has a freakingly bright LED that flashes right into your eyes even when you don’t actually use the Move controller. And you can’t switch it off in the menu, the only way to do that is physically disconnect it from the USB port. I don’t know if this was done intentionally, so that the Sony employees on the other end of your Internet connection could closely observe your fat naked belly relaxing on the couch, could see with their own very narrow eyes every move your half-stripped family members make and meticulously write down your every single preference so that they could pass this valuable information to the marketing department… exactly like Microsoft does with their Kinect camera for the Xbxo360. Even if all of this is paranoid delusion, the fact remains: the only way to shut down the PS3 Eye camera is to unplug it. Which is not very convenient, let alone it wears down the connectors and put unnecessary toll on the camera itself, which is turned on for no particular reason. So, what can be done? Get yourself a USB hub with a separate switch for each port. Push the button – the port is on, push again – the port is off. Push the button – the camera is on, push again – the camera is off. Active ports are indicated with a blue LED. This hub also solves another problem – starting from revision 2, Playstation 3 has only two USB ports left, while the amount of controllers that charge from those ports, on the contrary, has increased. So plug them to this hub, and you can simultaneously use the Playstation Eye and charge your gamepad from a single USB port.

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