No more Youtube in Adsesne reports

Google got some new and shiny features for partners…not.

From now on, Adsense doesn’t show Youtube estimated earnings. You can’t even know where’s the Hosted Adsense for Content earnings gone until you go to full reports to see a small information bar. Click the link which tells you not to worry, you’ll get paid the same way. Click yet another link to find out official Youtube statement. It turns out this is done to simplify reports for partners! Hear that partners? It all for you!
No reports whatsoever is dead simple indeed. Instead of seeing all your earnings in one place, now you have to use the Analytics page of the channel you need to monitor. So if you have multiple channels, you’ll have to login into every single one of them, copy paste your earnings and then manually sum them up. Simple and convenient, eh? The worst part is Youtube analytics is damn behind. Forget intraday averages you had in Adsense. To hell with that, forget even yesterdays averages. It is already 4th of April here, and I still can’t get earnings for 1st of April. That’s what I call an improvement!
If you still want to see your approximate earnings in Adsense, open click View full reports, then choose required date in the upper right corner and then click on the Hosted AdSense for Content which is now a link.

In the next window, you you will see you approximate payments.

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