To run this application you must install .NET

To run this application you must install .NET even though already installed
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you’ve installed an app in windows in this case azire vpn client but that doesn’t really matter the problem is an error appears on your screen to run this application you must would you like to download it now even if you click yes download and install everything it still won’t work even if you check the installed apps in the new windows settings you can see that you already installed if you check the old control panel settings you also in the programs even if you click on additional windows features even there you already framework 3.5 and net framework 4.8 activated so why doesn’t the application start i will be demonstrating the solution in windows 11 which is the latest at the moment i’m making this video but the solution will probably be the same for all previous and maybe next versions of microsoft windows anyway it turns out that you have to download net50 desktop runtime version 5 from microsoft website install it reboot your pc just in case and after that the app starts to work you can find the download link on my website in the description
Download link – click here

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