Tanning at home

Having a tanning bed at home was a desperate wish, with two main concerns – size and price.

After some investigation of one-side tanning bed market, the winner was finally chosen – Kettler Holiday. I paid for it roughly the money I would spend on 1000 minutes of tanning time in the local health club. Doctors mostly agree on not more that 50 tanning sessions a year, and 1000 minutes gives twice that amount of sessions 10 minutes each. That means, that a single user will cover the cost of the device in two years, and a family of users will do that even sooner.
Of course, this is not a turbo-tan, but the fan is essential mostly for the tanning saloon owner, as the device greater power allows to pipeline more customers in the same time frame, and the negative skin effects are mostly neglected. While tanning at home there’s no one breathing in your back, so you may tan under the less powerful, safer UV-light as long as you need.
Instead of 10 minutes in a turbo tan, you’ll spend 20 under one-sided machine, as you obviously can tan only one side of your body at a time – front or back. The benefits of your own tanning bed are enormous: you don’t have to go anywhere, dress up, undress, wait if it’s occupied… And the biggest advantage is that you’re sure that no fat females were roasting on the bed just before
you, and no sweaty males were standing in the booth with their bare, fungi-infected feet. It your own, personal and intimate tuning device.
Another feature unimaginable for a saloon is the ability to luxuriate under the sun in bad weather, especially if you live in an area where bed weather is like 8 months out of 12 in a year. Or when you caught cold, and leaving the house is out of question, you can always warm yourself up under your personal sun. It’s a real pleasure, just be sure to put on special glasses, which come bundled with the tanning bed.
The only disturbance is the humming of the fan that cools the facial tan module. The electromechanical timer also produces slight noise, but that is actually quite lulling. If you fall asleep, the timer will turn off the bulbs and wake you up with a loud crack.
After a couple years of tanning I decided to replace the bulbs with professional which have much higher UV ratio. Not that the bundled ones worn out, no. That’s just the scientists still arguing if tanning in a booth is dangerous or not, the German manufacturers decided to protect Kettler brand by bundling their tanning bed with least powerful bulbs.

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