The Connector Errors

If you’re using The Connector plugin to synchronize tasks between MS Project and Jira, you may experience the following error in the plugin log:

Initializing Synchronize with JIRA...
Running pre-process rules.
[SUCCESS] Sync data for issue  to JIRA
[ERROR] Send To JIRA: ServiceManager.UpdateTask (Issue ) com.atlassian.jira.rpc.exception.RemoteValidationException: Fields not valid for issue: 
Errors: {}
Error Messages: [You do not have permission to edit issues in this project.]    at EclipticTech.TheConnector2.Core.ServiceManager.UpdateTask(Credentials credentials, String key, ConnectorTask task, MappingMask mappingMask, ConnectorContext context, String workflow)
   at TheConnector2.Project.Common.SendToJIRA.SendToJIRAProcessor.?(Project ?, String , Task ?, ProjectSettings , MappingMask ?, String , String ?, JiraProfile , SendToJIRAOptions ?)
   at TheConnector2.Project.Common.SendToJIRA.SendToJIRAProcessor.Send(Project project, Task t, ProjectSettings ps, String& issueId, String& error, MappingMask mapMask, String workflow, String JIRAPath, JiraProfile profile, SendToJIRAOptions options)
Running post-process rules.

The cause of the error is very simple: one of the tasks you’re trying to synchronise is already closed in Jira. To resolve the problem, reopen the issue in Jira.

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