Notes export

iOS Notes is a nifty application to take fast notes. However, it is a real pain when it comes to exporting those notes to your computer. The app has only two options – to print and to e-mail the notes, which means you got to have either printer or email configured on the device. Alternatively, …

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Fight bad breath

If you or your close ones, or just random people you have to talk to have a bad breath, that’s just disgusting. It is as bad as hairy female legs: it never was and never will be fashionable. Fortunately, you may get rid of the smelly odour coming out of your mouth.

How to choose a LED bulb

LED light are coming to replace both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LEDs are far more energy efficient, produce less heat, do not explode to sharp glass pieces and do not contain hazardous chemicals like quicksilver, which is present in fluorescent bulbs.