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Scar removal tool

You may use a dermaroller as scar removal tool. The idea is based on the fact that our skin forms scar tissue too quick, long before the body has a chance to fully regenerate the damaged tissue.

Select all to the right in Sony Vegas

If you have a complicated project with lots of short clips, and you need to insert another media in between, you must move everything to the right of the timeline. If you don’t want to move one clip at a time and lose all your sync, you have to select everything to the right.

How to choose a silicone mold

Silicone is coming into our daily life. Only until recently the only areas you could probably find silicone was bedroom with fake boobs and dildos, and technology with sealants and covers. But now, silicone is moving into bathrooms and kitchens.

Notes export

iOS Notes is a nifty application to take fast notes. However, it is a real pain when it comes to exporting those notes to your computer. The app has only two options – to print and to e-mail the notes, which means you got to have either printer or email configured on the device. Alternatively, …

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