How to choose a silicone mold

Silicone is coming into our daily life. Only until recently the only areas you could probably find silicone was bedroom with fake boobs and dildos, and technology with sealants and covers. But now, silicone is moving into bathrooms and kitchens.

No wonder though, as silicone is inert, light but durable material, with excellent water, cold and heat resistant properties. Various soap-boxes, lids, grips and other items are available on the market, the most interesting being silicone cake molds.
Beside attractive form, such mold doesn’t allow cakes, ice-cream or jelly to stick to the inside, making it easier to remove the mold without damaging the pattern.

When choosing a silicone form, pay attention to the thickness of the material and border edge. The thicker, the better. Thin molds may easily deform under weight, spilling the contents all over the place. Thicker forms bear load much better.
The best forms have a metal cord running all around the mold. Such products do not deform at all.

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