Sony Vegas crossed circle cursor when dragging files to time line

I’ve been struggling with Sony Vegas for about two years when it stopped opening avi encoded with different codes, and also mp3, mov and most of mp4.

Even though I got K-Lite codec pack installed in the system, and all other programs have no trouble opening said formats. First I thought this is because I use a portable conversion of Vegas not installed into the system. However, turns out this problem exist even on properly installed Sony Vegas. Then I thought this is because Vegas is x64 bit, but K-Lite seems to incorporate both x32 and x64 bit versions of the same codes. You drag the file to the time line – and the cursor turns into a crossed circle and that’s it. So I uninstalled K-Lite and installed Xvid. And finally – both mp4, mp3 and avi containers now can be opened by Sony Vegas as they should! And for mov, it at least shows that QuickTime is not installed, even though K-Lite has QuickTime Alternative build in. So fuck K-Lite, go Xvid. Or ffdshow. You can also install now years old QT Lite QuickTime Alternative, it works perfectly fine in my Windows 8.1 64bit with Sony Vegas x64.

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