Sending to subscribers feeds

So your video is stuck in Sending to subscribers feeds status – this is indicated by a two arrows icon near the video in the Video Manager.

Google help basically says you should do nothing and just wait, as the video is still being processed and deleting and reuploading the video will just restart the process. This is true – I tried to reupload, and the new copy was still stuck in Sending to subscribers feed status. You have to wait. I uploaded the video at 1 at night, and it was still being sent to subscribers at 8 in the morning. And at 3 day time. And even by eleven in the evening, when I uploaded another video, both of them were in this status. The next day, when I had 3 uploads already, all three was in this status, then two of them were finally sent, and only the second remained. It was sent the next night. Of course I received almost no views because the subscribers just didn’t know I had three new uploads. So basically, Google is lying on the one hand, as obviously they had a server malfunction or something, but they are right on the part that the only thing you can do is just wait. So if your videos are stuck in Sending to subscribers feeds status, just wait for a couple days. There’s nothing you can do, it will be fixed without your interference.

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