Mass copy and paste description Youtube

We continue to explore the wonderful features of your best YouTube multitool – Tubebuddy.

Imagine you have a grey channel, the sole existence purpose of which is to have certain text and links in the description, like this one. But how to copy this description to each and every uploaded video? Not manually of course! Fire up TubeBuddy and select Vid2Vid Promotions feature from a tiny menu next to any video. Generally, this feature is used to paste links to a certain video to each and every description box of every other uploaded video, thus promoting a single video across all of your channel. But we won’t use that. Tick only Bulk Description Promotion, then change the sample text to the one you need, select the desired position of the text in the description box, and then go through the rest of UI to commence the copying process. When it completes, you have the same text copied and pasted across all description boxes under all of your uploads. Except for the one we used the tiny TubeBuddy menu next to. For this single video, you’ll have to copy and paste the description manually.

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