Remove Chinese language

Google installed Pinyin to all devices during one of the updates.

Pinyin is Chinese language input. Why the fuck do I even need one – no one told me. But it shows up as one of the input methods, and you can occasionally switch to it and then struggle to switch back to English. Very annoying. What is even more annoying, you cannot disable, remove or uninstall it via ordinary means. Fucktards. Well let’s stick to orthodox ways, starting with Root explorer. Find the correct apk and select Uninstall through the menu. Well, it doesn’t work, it can’t uninstall it. I happened to find a No Bloat app in the Play store. Install it and run. Please note that obviously it requires root. Once inside, go to System apps, find Google Pinyin Input, and select Backup and delete from the menu. After the process completes, Pinyin will be gone from both the settings and input method selector popup. The apk itself is backed up, so if you will ever need it, run No bloat again, go to Backed up apps and select Google Piyin Input to restore it.

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