Apple USB charger takeback

Remember my USB charger that exploded, a fake iPhone adapter?

Well, a woman in China got electrocuted to death with a fake iPhone charger not long ago. Obviously, protective cutout devices are not popular in China in an effort to reduce the out of control population growth. So Apple started a PR campaign. Now anyone can bring in both counterfeit or third party USB charger and an Apple device, add a 10-dollar bill and get an original Apple USB charger. They call it a bargain as normally Apple USB power adapters retail at 19 dollars. Well, if you add 10 dollars to the price of your Chinese charger, you can probably get a decent Samsung or Belkin charger, which are as good as Apple ones. But if your religious cult requires you to own only authentic Apple products, and you’ll be passing Apple Store or authorized service center, well go for it. As of now, the takeback program is only available in China ans USA. Keep in mind that each Apple device is only eligible for one charger at a discount price, so bring it over for them to store the serial number in a special database.

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