Refrigerator noise fix

Most kitchen refrigerators become very noisy after a couple years of use, usually 5 to 7 years. Repairmen mostly give the same diagnosis: replace
compressor. Since compressor is the main part of a compressor refrigerator, such repair can be quite expensive. However, it is not always necessary.

First, adjust the legs of the freezer and use a bubble level t make sure the device is horizontally leveled. If the noise is still present after that, try the following. Get to the back of the freezer and remove the plate covering the compressor, if it exists. Normally, you just have to unscrew a couple of bolts to reveal the compressor. Now look how the compressor is installed. To save time and effort, most manufacturers just use bent metal ears to hold the device in place. And that’s it. No bolts, no nuts, nothing. No wonder these connections get loose because of constant trembling and start to produce that unbearable metallic clanking. To get rid of the noise, use some cable ties to brace the compressor to the base of the refrigerator. When it is held security in place, the cranking should cease.
If it doesn’t, consider replacing the compressor.

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