Best way to lose weight

If you want to loose weight, the best way to do that is go clean the streets.

By doing this not only you’ll get that desired slim body, but you’ll drive illegal aliens sweeping streets for minimal wage out of your neighbourhood, since you’ll be doing it for free and that leaves no economic niche for illegal migration! Anyway, sweeping streets is a much better application of force that senseless waste of energy in the gym. Don’t forget that every move wears your body down. If you have a cat, watch how it hunts: it springs for the target at the very last moment. And huge cats like leopards try to avoid running for the prey at all, as each acceleration wears and tear muscles, bones and joints and overheating causes permanent damage to body cells. The faster the body wears down, the sooner it will die. Same is true about humans. Sport poses dubious benefits with obvious harm. On the other hand, our bodies still need at least some motion to fight stagnation and keep weight under control. So we need to find an exercise with burns maximum calories with minimal harm to the joints. Forget jogging at once. The faster you run, the more shock crush your joints. You may loose weight, but at the cost of unbearable pain in the knees later in your life. Exercise bike is ideal from this point of view: your weight is supported by the seat, no shock impact on the joints and backbone exists, and cycling is only 20% less efficient than running calorie-burning wise. A bit more dangerous, but more effective is elliptical trainer, since it utilizes not only legs, but arms as well. No shock impact on your joints, which is good. Just don’t forget to increase resistance level, so the it is hard enough. But what gives maximum load in minimal time? What lets you burn weight fast? You have to understand that calories burn proportionally to muscles muscles involved – the bigger the muscle, the more energy it needs to operate. The largest muscles in humans are glueteus maximus. They move the legs. Other leg muscles are also huge, and that’s exactly why it is so hard for us to climb stairs. Even a special training machine exists – stairmaster. It is a sort of escalator where you climb an infinite staircase. After only 5 minutes on this machine you want to kill yourself, and after 10 you just melt to a poodle near the base of the device. This is the most efficient fat burner, with moderate tension on joints. Unfortunately for unknown reason such machine costs an astronomic amount of money: not every fitness center can afford such, and purchasing it for home use is out of the question. So, what you gonna do? Of course you can run up and down the stairs at your place, but normally you want some more comfort. Get a step board. Choose a good brand – Reebok or Kettler, the board weight is you friend. Cheap step board weight around 4 kg, while good ones weight twice that – at least 8 kg. A good board has metal mesh inside the plastic, which helps it to withstand the weight of the user. As for the exercise itself, you may copycat the aerobics videos where they change legs on each step, or you may just lift your body up and down on one leg without removing it from the board, and then change legs in say 20 repetitions. The key is rhythm and making those long muscles work. This will ensure your calories are burning, weight goes down and your butt is becoming rock hard. If only the training won’t leave you so exhausted that you start to eat like an elephant. But even if the exercise won’t really fit into your daily life, and you forget about it soon enough, the step board is better option than dumbbells and other sport equipment gathering dust, since you can always use a board like this in your home. As a sofa table to hold chips and beer while you’re busy growing your belly watching TV.

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