PS4 jailbreak dongle from North Korea

PlayStation 4 hacking dongles have been around for quite a while, in fact the devices appeared even before the console release.

Nothing strange here, as these are quite standard dongles to read and write memory chips, slightly tailored to accommodate the new PS4. These dongles allow hackers to gain access to both RAM and flash memory, however, this is not too useful as all contents of RAM, firmware and HDD in PlayStation are encrypted, which I already told you about in several videos. The news about those dongles often contain the name of cfwprophet, who is a quite prominent developer on the PlayStation hacking scene. He has released useful staff for other hackers to use. And then suddenly the internet is flushed with news on PS4 jailbreak dongles, with embedded videos showing PS3 hacking for some reason. And there is also attached a tweet by cfwprophet, promising PS4 jailbreak dongles to arrive soon. Well, looking at the actual tweet you may wonder why those dongles will come from North Korea. Anyone who has eyes, can see two more tweets right below about Kim-jun un, the fatso kindergarten kid who replaced his deceased father as North Korea leader. cfwprophet is obviously joking about one of the most recent of the many Kim-jun un farce statements, this time concerning Sony. So relax people, no PS4 jailbreak dongles anytime soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, if you want more news on PS4 jailbreak.

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