PS2 Classics in multiMAN

Multiman now supports PS2 Classics integration, so update multiman.

And go fuck yourself, as obviously the installed version is too old to be updated. Completely delete multiman which for some reason weights 13 Gbs from your PS3, and download full install package. I couldn’t find links, so I had to download the package from a Russian torrent tracker. Install and run. Now multiman lists Placeholder in the Game column, and the Retro column has PS2 titles that I copied to my Playstation 3. To see the titles in this list, you have to create PS2ISO folder in the root of your PS3 internal hdd and copy each PS2 game as a separate folder into PS2ISO, using a specific pattern in the subfolder names. I already showed that in great detail in my other video about PS2 Classics Manager, so I won’t waste time repeating that again. The thing worth mentioning though is that the name pattern is required only if you would like covers to be automatically download from the web. If you don’t care about covers or already have them inside folders, you may name the folders whatever you like. Also, there is no need to create SAVEDATA folder inside – if you don’t have them, multiman will create savedata files for you. That’s basically it. Select a PS2 title in multiman, and it will be automatically linked to the Placeholder. To play the game, launch PS2 Classics placeholder from the XMB.

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