Put Outlook calendar on a website

If you want to publish your Outlook calendar on a website for others to view, the easiest way to do that is through Outlook Web App.

Activate web-access and login under your account. Then, go to calendars, find the needed one, right click on it and press Publish. Select required options, and in the end you will get a web-link to your calendar. You may embed this link to any website which support html, that is to any website. I will show how to do it in Confluence. Create a page and insert a iframe macro, specifying the calendar link as macro parameters. If you don’t have iframe macro, activate html macros in Confluence administration panel. Save and you are done. Now any visitor to this page can view your calendar. Note that the amount of details shared can be adjusted in the publishing settings at an time. And one more thing – anyone knowing the link can see your calendar, there is no way to limit or control access at the moment.

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