Prostate cure

Everyone has prostatitis.

Don’t delude yourself that you’re young and keep fit: while you pump that iron in the gym, you gain the same hemorrhoids and prostatitis as those drivers, office workers, teachers and other nerdy all-day sitters earn by the age of 30. So if you are aged 25 and above, get a prostate ultrasound. It’s inexpensive, and you’ll probably learn a lot about your body. And you also provide some historical data for your future physician to see the dynamics. There is a 80% probability you have chronic prostatitis or signs of a past inflammation, which is called fibrosis. And don’t believe ads: prostatitis is incurable – those scars will stay with you forever. But, you can control prostatitis: a month-long medication course each 2 or 3 years will help stop problem growth. The treatment mostly consists of relaxing in a romantic sensual environment, so that you could easily insert some suppository bullets up your ass after a good relieving poop. As the main cause of prostatitis is poor drainage, you have to…well…get drained at least once in three days. We all know since puberty, that having a partner is not really that necessary to get regular drainage. Another important act is prostate massage, and here is where said partner comes in handy…literally. Alternative way to do it is to get a special prostate massager. Insert it into your well lubricated anus, and surprisingly, no hand waves required this time. Everything happens by flexing your sphincter. Yes, flexing that muscle seems to be more important health-wise then your whole body routine at the gym. Alas, the only way to men’s health seems to get it up the ass.

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