Launch any PS2 game on any PS3

Good news – now there is a way to run any old PS2 titles on PS3 by converting them to PSN games PS Classics. I wrote not long ago on the topic of running PS2 games, as I really want to play 3 old titles. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t have a chance to follow my own advice, as my PC perfomance is shallow in terms of graphics, and couldn’t really get decent fps in the emulator.

Let’s try to figure out how to use it. Get the official tutorial and download the included files. Two folders are inside the archive, transfer the contents of folder number one to any fat32 formatted thumb drive. I also reccoment to move the reactpsn pkg from the containing folder to the root of the drive, so it will be easier to install it. Plug the thumdrive into your PS3. First, install ps2 classic placeholder. Then install reactpsn. Reactpsn allows to register keys for games downloaded from Playstation Network. To make it work, create a new user on your PS3 and name it aa. It should be two letters only, without spaces, make sure you don’t screw up. After you’re done, switch to the new user and launch reactpsn. PS3 will reboot. In my case, the reboot didn’t go quite well, so disk check fired up. Wait patiently until it completes. As you can see the aa user is now renamed to reactpsn. You have to do all this only once, so after you’re done, you may make the console to auto-login as your default user. So, almost everything is ready to run the PS2 game file, which you have to place at the given path. Here is where the name “placeholder” becomes clear – it’s just an icon in the interface, which will start the game file linked to it. Let’s make one. First, you will need an original PS2 game disk, which you have to dump to an iso image with any disc utility like UltraISO. If you don’t have the disc, of course you can download the iso image, but… well, that’s a good game you want to play, don’t you? Hardly you seek to play a shitty game after all these years, right? So go buy it, they are cheap anyway. Well, you got the iso…either way. Install the converter utilities. The first is Ps3tools, which has a TOOLS folder inside, where you can find the PKG_contentID file. Run it as administrator, as it makes changes to the registry…and go fuck yourself. A dll is missing. Download it from the internet and copy to the utility folder. In fact, all utilities in this tutorial require this library, so copy it over to all folders, I won’t drag you attention to it anymore. The program runs now. But as I found out later in the manual, this is only required to make pkgs, which is like one of the three availbale options to transfer the game to the console. That means ps3tools is useless, we just wasted time. You may remove the changes it made to the registry. The useful utility is Ps2 classics. Run it, go to Encrypt tab, select the path to your game iso image. In the next two strings enter this very numbers and them only. These are the license keys we registred on the console with reactpsn a few minutes earlier. If it failed to register, you will get The copyright protection information is invalid (80029513). Click Ling selector, answer yes. Then click Encrypt and answer yes once again. Wait till the process completes. Now there is iso.bin.enc file in the root of the2 Ps2 classics folder, which you have to copy to your PS3 folder where the placeholder is. The path is /game/PS2U10000/USRDIR/ As we won’t use pkg, the other two transfer options is FTP upload and USB drive. Keep in mind that if the file is more than 4 Gb, you will have to split it before copying to the USB drive, and then join back again on the console, so the FTP method may be the easiest. That’s why I won’t show it, but will show how to use USB drive instead. Open multiman and go to the file manager, and then find the file on the USB drive. Copy it, then go to the PS3 hdd, open GAME folder – that is GAME, not GAMES, find the placeholder folder. There is USRDIR inside, open it and copy the file there. After copying is complete, exit multiman. Go to the placeholder and try to run it. As you can notice, everything works. See, I’m using a PS3 wireless controller. Remember that at this point, placeholder runs only one file with a special name. If you want to play other games, you may either replace the file with the new game each time, or copy all of them to the console and copy or rename it on the Playstation 3 itself. What does this situation tell us? That from the very start, PS3 was capable of running PS2 titles even without any special chips, and that this option was blocked by software. Most probably, those Sony faggots – I’m sorry, I meant Sony marketologists decided to sell you the same games one more time, as many fans still have PS2 discs in their collections. The worst is that you can’t buy everything, some PS2 titles are just not availbale in the PSN, which makes said marketologists honorary double faggots. And the customers have to void warranty and hack their PS3s to unleash the potential Sony failed to deliver.

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  1. Well if you indeed made everything correctly, i.e. are on 4.xx cfw, and did everything to activate the rap license for placeholder with reactpsn, got no copyright errors… then 80010006 means you’ve got no active game, i.e. iso is not copied to PS2U10000/USERDIR . Try using Multiman to mount ps2iso game, if it fails, try copying it manually

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