Precision screwdrivers

Precision screwdriver set for every possible occasion in your life…list included.

It also mentions bit adapter, which probably must be in this holder, but it’s nowhere to be found. The bits are of average quality, some of them are marked, some are not. It even has the fork! As I already said, manufacturers should be prosecuted for using original connections and screws, which are very similar to standard, but are not compatible. Who needs this one, huh? Does it prevent the screw from unscrewing by the owner? No, it just makes him frustrated. And over 9000 of hexagons, stars, flat and philips bis? Who needs all that? You really need one, may be two types of screws. Actually, I purchased this whole set only for the very tiny phillips bit to unscrew a couple of devices from the Gods of proprietary stuff – Apple and Sony. Anyway, the screwdriver itself is a good one! It has a really well-thought handle, which allows you to precisely control it allowing to tighten screws a notch at a time. In general, that’s a nice set, but the bits material could be better. And without the bit adapter, its too short and you may be not able to reach deep screws. On the contrary, the handle is quite long, and may not fit inside tight locations with those hard to reach screws. Well, that’s the price you pay for comfort.

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