Passthrough battery fix

You may remember USB pass through – the subject of a few reviews involving multitester which I made about a year ago.

Well, a couple days ago it stopped working. So let’s open it and try figure out what’s wrong. The passthrough is essentially an eGo USB battery without the cell, so to disassemble an USB passhtrough you need exactly the same thing required to strip a eGo battery – a cone, which was popular back in the thin 1.8ml clearomizer days. Screw it onto the connector, hold the battery by the cone and tenderly shaking it sideways, pull out the button module. Do not swing to far, as the metal body is quite thin and can be easily torn. AS the connector pops out the malfunction reason became obvious – the plus wire got disconnected from the post. This happened because of the large knot on the end of the USB cable. While it prevents the cable from falling out of the device body, it does little to avoid cable rotation while in use. So eventually one of the wires tore off. Not a big deal, and could be fixed within seconds with a touch of the soldering iron. You may want to fix the rotating cable problem by thermogluing its socket… Or may not – problem happens only once a year, and not that hard to fix anyway. To assemble everything back, first gently wind up wires inside the tube, and then use the same cone to seal the connector back inside the body. Now give it a try. Everything works perfect.

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