Change eBay language

I haven’t been to Ebay for quite a while, only to get an unpleasant surprise.

Everything is now in freaking Russian, as obviously I have a Russian IP address. This is insane, as the translation leaves much to be desired. Even if it was perfect, Russian is a good language for poetry and literature, but it is absolutely not suitable for trade and finance, and moreover, for interfaces, as any Russian phrase will be typically 30-40% longer the laconic English expressing the same idea. I couldn’t find language switch in the account settings, which for some reason remained in English. Google didn’t help either. And then I saw the tiny Russia flag in plain sight closer to the top of the page. For your country and language, it may be different of course. Click it and select English. It will automatically save this setting, in cookies I guess. Viola. Now everything is in English as it should.

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