Long thin precision screwdriver

Another parcel from China which took so long to arrive that I actually forgot what I ordered.
Let’s see.

Huh, these are precision screwdrivers! 12 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Magnetic Torx PH Tool
You probably have seen another screwdriver set I purchased to disassemble Sony 3-d glasses. Well, that set had bits too thick and too short to access confined areas, and the metal was of bad quality. This one doesn’t have handle as comfortable, but the two-sided bits are very long. The length is actually adjustable, so you may reduce overall instrument length when required. The tips are magnetic, be aware of that if you have to deal with magnet-sensitive stuff. Surely nothing comes via postal service without embedded surprises. This time the plastic case has a crack. I really hate when new unopened and untouched things are already damaged. Fucktards. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the purchase. I especially like the loop allowing you to hang the screwdriver set to save space.

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