Josef Seibel boots

I purchased winter boots. The price was quite high – you can probably get 2-3 pairs of boots by a less pompous brand.

This one is German-made Josef Seibel. Yeah, if you know what I mean. They claim to be European as shit, however, Europe barely ever heard of this brand. And that is why Right after purchase I noticed a small cut on the leather. Not a big deal, but it is always disappointing to have scratches on freshly purchased things. The heel is higher than required – you feel it almost immediately if you walk fast as I normally do, your arches and shins start to ache. In the first couple of days the fur insoles tore away, and I had to replace them with felt ones. When you buy insoles, try to get them 1 size larger than your footwear. I.e., if you wear size 8, get size 9 insoles. And the last problem felt by me is the upper inside part of the zipper. They burned the threads here so they won’t get loose, and the resulting plastic beads rubs your skin. So, if you’re a man in tights, you’ll get some nasty hooker looking holes in them! In general, the boots are well made. Glued and sewn where needed. Natural lamb fur provides enough warmth to be comfortable in below zero temps. The sole holds good enough on ice. It is also made using some green technology, so it may have air bubbles in it, which is not a fault but a Greenpeace blessing. Suckers. So, should you purchase them? I don’t know. For the price, there’s plenty of other, more comfortable shoes.

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