How to add that Asian taste to your instant noodles and make them not junk food

If you ever been to Thailand or any other Asian country, you probably felt in love with their cuisine. Even instant noodles there have that distinctive Asian taste.
I always thought that it was some kind of hard-to-find spice that gives that flavor, like some special pepper or ginger. It turned out I was wrong.

So if you want to add a bit of Asia to your instant noodles, get a bowl and some noodles

Poor the hot water in, put the brick and the powder inside. Now here goes the trick: add some lime juice!

Yeah that’s right. Lime juice is what gives Asian food that Asian flavor.

If you want your instant noodles to become a more healthy product, throw away the powder sachets they provide you. Use real broth instead.

I collect excess fat and broth while cooking meat in a bowl and keep it in the fridge. Later I add that to instant noodles when a quick snack is needed and the time is limited. Some stores sell broth, but the definitely use food additives. So it’s safer to cook it yourself. You may cook it and leave in the fridge for your kids to add to instant noodles while you’re at work.
Add some salt and spice, and here you go:

Of course this dish is still low on fiber, so don’t make it your everyday meal. However, with natural broth without chemical additives, no one can call it junk anymore! Bon appetite!

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