Flash crashes on Android

If your tablet crashes or freezes while playing Flash video, don’t blame Google and their Android, Adobe and their Flash or the late Steve Jobs with his stupid thoughts on it.

You should start with the butt-handed manufacturer of your tablet. These manufacturers are just dying to add as much shit to the operating system as possible. And full uninstallation of this proprietary software mostly arises enormous difficulties and could be considered a heroic deed, when done. For instance, on Asus tablet the obvious problem maker is the bundled Asus software, created by illiterate India or China so called programmers. Only utmost dedication and effort finally resulted in pinpointing the indecency that caused Flash player to crash after a couple minutes of playing a website video in any browser. It’s this little tick, adding some Asus power and brightness control shit to the standard Android notification panel above the clock. Disable the option, and now you can enjoy browser video running for hours without any problems. Speaking of browsers, apart from the build-in and Chrome, the worst flash performance is in Firefox, with Opera being a huge improvement. The best flash performance could be experienced in Dolphin browser.

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