Error occurred during the start operation

Many of you have switched to newer PS3 CWFs version 4.50 and higher, only to get
Error occurred during the start operation (80010017).

This is because you mostly download games with eboot.bin patched for previous firmware versions and encrypted using leaked keys. Of course Sony banned those keys in newer firmware releases, and that’s why those eboot will never start. There are three ways to solve the problem. The easiest one is to download original eboots only, and not those 3.41 fixes and that kind of perversions. Unfortunately, clean images are not always available. So another way is to resign the old eboot for newer CFW. Download one of the resigning tools and use them to get a working eboot for 4.50+ console. If that is too hard for you, you can always downgrade from 4.50+ to one of the best CFWs – Rebug 4.46.1. All modern CFWs have QA Flags enabled by default, so downgrading via XMB or the recovery menu should not be a problem.

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