Delete all inbox Gmail

Google new features are often obscure and break something that was working perfectly and the users knew how to do.

For instance, this May tabs appeared in Gmail interface. And what oldfags like me who don’t use even browser tabs should do? The tabs presented another problem. I have my Inbox full of messages I would like to remove. Fifteen hundred of them. If I select All from the menu and delete, it only deletes the 50 messages that are shown on the page. Does this mean to delete 1500 messages I would have to repeat this operation 30 times? Thankfully, no. I’ll show you how to delete all messages at once and clean up your inbox in one go. First click the gear and select Inbox settings. In the next window disable those fucking tabs. No we got all messages in one list, and the right upper corner has a tip how to enable tabs back. Now select all messages. A message appears on yellow background, prompting you to select all message chains. Do it. And now clicking the Delete button will remove all messages in the Inbox folder. It may take a while if your have a lot of messages in the Inbox. The messages are moved to Trash folder, which thankfully already has a button to empty the trash folder. Click it to delete the messages forever. Or don’t, as any message that stays in Trash folder for longer than 30 days is automatically removed.

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