Community Guidelines Strike

Youtube is a community, which basically means that every concerned soccer mom with a Youtube account can easily remove any unfavourable video which doesn’t even belong to her – your work you spent your time and money creating and uploading.

For instance, if your upload is a parody on some celebrity, you normally would add this celebrity name to the video title, even though it doesn’t contain the footage of the actual celebrity. Well,
this is enough to flag down and remove your video, and on a rather ridiculous ground – spam. That’s right, by adding a celebrity name to the video title while the celebrity is not in the video, you try to attract more attention to your video, and attracting attention to deceive is spam.
This reminds me of the infamous court hearings Sony started against the egocentric hacker Geohot, who happened to crack Sony’s precious PS3 game system, which remained a virgin in this sense for quite some time. Well, after the successful crack, Geohot bragged on his site that if a company wants their next console to be really secure, they should contact him. Sony’s layers interpreted this statement as extortion.
Well, the same ridiculous accusation is possible on Youtube as well.
What can you do if your video received a false spam strike? Actually, nothing much. Spamming is the type of offence you can’t appeal. However, as all the rest Community Guidelines strikes, it will expire in 6 months.
So forget about it, but do you best to get no more strikes in the following months, as several strikes may result in account suspension and termination.

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