Clear up BIOS boot menu entries

So there are a lot of bogus entries in the EFI selection list of your bootmenu.

In my case it happened when I removed everything Ubuntu related from the drive after a failed install. A BIOS has some NAND ram where it stores information about all those bootloaders. Often forgetting to delete it when you remove a system. To purge this list we will use a special utility for that. In Linux, that is efibootmgr, but as currently I don’t have Ubuntu installed, we’ll use Windows. In Windows the utility is called bcedit.exe
Run it with this command.
bcdedit /enum firmware
It will produce a list of all entries in the BCD store. Export the list
bcdedit /export newbcd
and make a backup copy just in case.
copy newbcd bcdbackup
Now copy and paste the IDs of the unused entries and delete them one at a time by this command.
bcdedit /store newbcd /delete {….-….-….}
After you removed all unwanted, save the file with this command.
bcdedit /import newbcd /clean
That’s it. You won’t see those entries anymore on next reboot.

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