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HDMI audio: blip hiss buzz noise at playback end

HDMI finally made it possible to get all your A/V digital data in one cable. However, connecting a computer to HDMI TV may have some audio problems.
After playback stops or application exits, a very annoying high-pitched sound may be heard, like this one. Sounds like the last note being played continously for about a second.

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How to connect earphones to your Playstation 3 console

My PS3 has no earphone jack, which is sad. The Creative Inspire amplifier connected to via optical, also has no earphone out, which is strange. The LG 42″ LCD TV the console is connected to via HDMI, doesn’t have an earphone out jack, which is frustrating. The companies didn’t include a jack to save about $1 off each unit, now the consumer has to wreck his brain for solutions. Here’s some of them.


How to connect any external USB drive to XBOX360 and use all its capacity above 16gb

Most of console users know that Microsoft gracefully allowed their customers to use USB drives as Xbox360-enabled storage.
However, if your old good NES or Sega had their limitations justified by inferior hardware, modern consoles are so powerful that marketing guys have to impose artificial limitations to force consumers buy proprietary products. That is official Xbox360 hardrives, which cost 3 times more than the very same Hitachi/WD drives they are rebranded from. On non-proprietary USB drives, only 16gb of space can be used by the console, the rest is wasted.
What to do if you happen to get a much bigger drive and want to use its full capacity? Well, here is how.