Mini Transparent LCD Display Digital Car Electronic Clock With Sucker

Another purchase which took 4 months to arrive from China. What’s inside?

Windshield clock. With a suction cup on the back to hold it. Of course I would never place THIS in the car. The idea was to place the clock on the window where you can always see it. Thanks to transparent display, the time could easily be read in the daylight, in a well-lit room and in a dark room thanks to night city lights. Well, the Chinese have failed making it, as always. First, the display doesn’t have a 24h mode, which personally I find far more comprehensive. Next, no matter how hard you try, the clock will fall off, since the suction cup is attached to the body by screwing a bolt through it, which violates the seal needed for the suction cup to work. And they do fall off, breaking in parts. On the other hand, said screw allows to attach a thin plastic stripe, which you just stick under the molding to secure the clock in place. And the last fail to mention is battery replacement. The clock uses a button cell, and to access it there was meant to be a cover. However, it is not cut through and there is no lid. So, to replace the battery, you have to completely disassemble the clock – remove the suction cup screw, remove the front panel, which hides two more screws. Remove them, and the device breaks into pieces. Now you can replace the battery. On the other hand, the clock looks stylish for the price, so I’m satisfied with the purchase.

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