Asus laptop disable Cinema Vivid FPS screen mode

So you’re on your laptop you have pressed something and now the screen says cinematic and the colors and brightness are kind of faded

Most probably you are on Asus laptop and you have all the Asus proprietary made for Quality software installed and one of that is called Asus Splendid these are basically useless color profiles for the onboard laptop screen and one of them is Cinematic for watching movies anyway to disable this mode and revert everything back to normal just press FN and V on the laptop keyboard FN and V combination changes the display mode however since FN button is very close to the control button on the keyboard you will most probably trying to paste something with Ctrl V however you hit a fan key instead of Ctrl and fast pressed fnv instead of Ctrl V which led to this Behavior if you are frustrated by this thing you have to uninstall Asus Armory crate to disable this functionality altogether

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