Yahoo not receiving Instagram email code link fix

I have a video on this channel which helps those Instagram users who cannot receive a code that Instagram sends to the email associated with your Instagram account

however the email never arrives the video seems to be helpful to most of the users however there is a certain category of users who cannot receive emails from Instagram no matter what they do and they all seem to have a Yahoo mail account associated with their Instagram account the problem with that is that you most probably don’t use this Yahoo mail too often and after a certain period of inactivity Yahoo suspends this account you can reactivate it which you probably did and you can receive emails from other services however Instagram emails still do not arrive this is probably because after several attempts of failed delivery to the email address Facebook book or Instagram or Mata Flags this particular email as inactive and stops even trying sending messages to this account Yahoo help page on this particular issue is hilarious they actually advise you to contact human support in Instagram good luck with that anyway I think I found the solution to this problem which will apply to Yahoo emails and any other email provider that suspends email after some period of inactivity or any other case when Instagram emails still do not arrive so basically what you have to do is to force Instagram to send you an email any email will do if you still have notifications enabled on this particular email when someone sends you EDM or likes your post this will do however if you cannot do that you can actually Force Instagram program to send you something there is an Instagram and Facebook form in the health center which deals with privacy policy questions the problem with this form is that it is specific to a certain region and thus I cannot provide you a link to this form as this link changes depending on your geography so the easiest way for you to find the appropriate link is to Google something along the lines of Instagram privacy policy questions here’s a link to Instagram help center which is named data policy and this form is specific for Instagram when you click on that it will open a form there will be a wall of text with questions and answers to Instagram data protection policy and somewhere near the button there is a link which is named contact online so click on that a form appears where you have to select how do I contact Mata with questions regarding the privacy policy then select what should I do if I have other questions about the privacy policy and then select I still have a question about the privacy policy finally a form which you have to fill in will appear there are only three lines you have to enter your first and last name basically you can enter any names it doesn’t have to be your real name and the most important thing is the email address here enter the email address which is associated with your Instagram account and which cannot receive the Instagram code messages in this case it will be on Yahoo mail domain then click send you may have to solve a capture after that click submit and wait a couple of seconds the page will reload back to help center that means that you have successfully sent this form to Instagram and wait usually within a couple hours sometimes within a couple days you will receive first an automated reply from Facebook and Instagram mail services you don’t have to reply to that email we only need to receive something to have Facebook and Instagram and meta to re-enable sending messages to your Yahoo account or any other account which does not receive the message and after you have re-enabled your email address at Instagram using this method you can proceed to request password to asset links or login codes to get back to your account if you still do not receive the email codes you can now follow the instructions in my previous video to fix this issue with Instagram

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