Browser blinking text input cursor every click fix

So you use a chromium-based browser to browse the internet that may be Google Chrome Vivaldi Brave Microsoft Edge opera or any other chromium based browser and whenever there is some text on screen and you click with your Mouse anywhere on the text a blinking typing cursor appears

the same happens when playing for example full screen video in the places where subtitles are supposed to be even though you have disabled the subtitles the blinking cursor will appear as soon as any character start to talk the reason this happens there is an accessibility setting in Chrome or any other browser settings which is called navigate pages with a text cursor there is no problem with this function per se as I suppose there are lots of people who really need that the problem is there is also a shortcut to activate that and the hotkey is F7 7 so you can very easily accidentally press F7 whilst you are actually aiming for F5 to refresh the page for example so to remove this annoying cursor you have to either go to the menu and disable navigation with a text cursor or just press F7

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