A good body mop

A mesh knot is probably the best body mop: it scrubs well and uses just a drop of shower gel to produce loads of foam.

However, some of these are not good. Well, it looks okay, but after you use it a couple of times, the folds of the mesh start to slide from under the rope that ties them. The problem is that this kind of mop uses a tiny rope to hold it together, and this is the same loop that it hangs on. On the contrary, a good mop is stitched together by a thick thread, and the hanging loop is made of another rope, a thick one, like that is used to make handles for those fancy boutique bags. Some of them also use a lace embroided with a brand name, and such mops are also of great quality. A good mop is about 10 times the price of a cheap one, but it is made to last and causes no frustration. But what to do with the bad mop? Well, if you bought one, you’d better reinforce the center with threads, staples or a glue gun before you use it for the first time or just punch a hole in it and put the bundled rope through it. Make sure to make a tight knot. This will allow you to use the cheap mop a bit longer.

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