Yandex money account set up

So you signed up for a Yandex.Money wallet, but since you’re an anonymous user as of now, your account is very limited in terms on accepting and withdrawing money.

So let’s identify ourselves. Yandex offers a number of options to do that, in my case the most convenient was to use Otkritie bank card, as I’m a customer of said bank. I also have Internet-bank for that, so I should be able to do everything online from the comfort of my home, right? Well, wrong, they drag me to an ATM for some reason. And they don’t have much of them in convenient locations either, but the situation is changing for th better since Otkritie lately acquired Nomos bank and integrated with much wider ATM network. So go find one and don’t forget to bring the Yandex account number with you. Insert the card, enter pin. Then go to Personal Cabinet, select Yandex there, select “connect” and enter your Yandex account number. Then wait for the machine to print out a slip which you have to keep. Get your card back and return to the computer. Login to Yandex.Money and click on the incomplete action. Here you have to enter application code that was printed on the paper slip by the ATM. Enter it to the form and now you are an identified Yandex.Money user. The only thing left to understand is why I had to physically go to the ATM.

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