Yahoo app password

it’s no secret that the heydays of Yahoo are long gone I don’t think they get any new users however lots of old users still use Yahoo mail since they used it as login on other websites for many years now and are too lazy to switch to some other mail service

the most convenient way to use Yahoo mail is not the Webmail is not their app but using it in a decent mail app most popular will be Microsoft Outlook but there are many others to use Yahoo in a mail client you would want an app password an app password is an additional security measure so you won’t have to share your main Yahoo password but instead you will generate a separate password which will give access only to the mail so your main Yahoo password becomes your master password and the app password is an auxiliary password and if it ever gets compromised you will just log in into Yahoo using your master password and delete this app password to do this for Yahoo mail you have to go to the main Yahoo homepage not to the Yahoo mail but to the main Yahoo page go to your profile from there select security settings and click on app password there you enter your app’s name it may be any name you like and then click generate password however this returns an error sorry this feature is not available at present and this has been broken for at least half a year now the old passwords worked but if you reinstalled your outlook you could not generate a new password if you haven’t saved it and that basically prevented you from using Outlook or any other email client Yahoo support said they had no ETA on when this feature will be available again and that actually forced many hardcore Yahoo users to finally switch to to some other email provider however before doing that I decided to give it another final shot and finally this feature seems to be fixed and working perfectly I was able to generate an app password and successfully use it in my email app of choice to be able to send and receive Yahoo email so if you had trouble with this feature it is finally fixed and you can go to your Yahoo account and generate the app passwords you need
Direct link to generate the password – click here

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