Tiktok remove icons

so you are watching Tik Tok videos for example my TikTok videos and you are really annoyed that large parts of the video are obscured by a number of interface icons and you will really like to see the full video

actually it is very easy to remove those icons all you have to do is long press somewhere in the middle of the screen until a menu pops out and one of the items in this menu is clear mode tap on that and as soon as you do that most of the interface icons will be gone and you will be able to see most of the video unobscured if you want the icons back all you need to do is to again long tap on the video wait for the menu to come up and select exit the icons will be back another way to do this is to tap your screen with two fingers simultaneously this will remove the entire interface however you will have to keep the fingers on the screen since as soon as you remove of them the interface appears back a decent interface developer would actually code those icons to automatically disappear when they are not needed for example they would only appear if you somehow interact with the video by tapping on the screen the icons would come up and then automatically disappear after some time if you are not using the interface but since this is TikTok you shouldn’t actually expect it to have decent competent developers so it is as it is the only problem is this actually works for one video as soon as you scroll to the next one the interface reappears again

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