Vaporesso Target review

A fairy from a certain online e-cig retailer sent me this for review. Please follow the link if you’re interested.


So, unboxing! Vaporesso Target 75wt VTC This is a start kit. It includes a spare head. A subohm tank, with that pin restricting the movement of air control ring for easier unscrewing of the atom. And the mod itself. 75 watts, thermal control. Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment to test the real specs of the board, but we can assume it performs just as well as the myriad of similar thermal control mods on the same board. It fits just great in hand. Sample not for sale. Vaporesso Target uses a single 18650 battery, not included. A/C USB adapter to charge it is also not included, but the package comes with a micro USB cable. The connector has a spring-loaded central pin. The tank has fewer parts, which is good, as this a starting kit for novice. You have to unscrew the base to fill it, which is not very convenient, but easy. Just use the huge openings in the central shaft to pour in 3.5ml of e-juice. The included heads are not rebuildable, but have ceramic insides. The mod comes with two heads – kanthal for the variwatt mode and ni200 for the thermal control mode. Thermal control detects when not used with ni200, but unfortunately, it doesn’t prevent from voting nickel in variwatt mode, which is not safe. As for the rebuildable deck, Atlantis 2 and iJust 2 rebuildable heads should fit. However, they are tiny and require patience to build, that’s not something a novice usually has. Thermal control is of true variety – that means, it doesn’t power the coil when the cotton is dry. This happens to fresh heads, so let them sit for a minute to get soaked with e-liquid. Let’s try some vaping. The TC coil. There is vape, but not much flavour. That’s probably because I mix for dripping atomizers, and adding some more aroma drops resolved the flavour issue. So let’s try the dripping atomizer. Works as advertised. Conclusions? First of all, the mod looks great. I always liked black with red parts. Next, the mod sits perfectly in your hand, and it even has a thumb support! In general, it’s a well-built mod, and may be a rival for the Evic VTC-Mini. Compared, they look like a Mercedes Jeep next to a gay Porsche. Both made in China, though. Evic has a better screen and overall better brand, but from the functionality is comparable. The Vaporesso needs a RBA head included, and then you can call it a deal. You can find the purchase link here.

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