Kimsun STL Wolf review and test

Kimsun the manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, sent me one their products for review.

Probably major reviewers are not interested in this type of products, so they are sending samples to minor players like myself to boost the self-esteem – woah, I got a free sample! I watched those other reviews, and the opinions are mixed – some hail, others hate the device. So let’s see what is it all about. Unboxing! The device is called STL Wolf and is lavishly packaged in a display case. This is a starter kit, meaning you don’t need much more to start vaping. In this case, you only need the e-liquid and a USB charger. The device looks much like Ego One clone, with a 1100 mAh battery. The package includes the battery body, a clearomizer with two spare heads, 0.2 Ohm, Ni200 coil. No rebuildable deck included, but looks like CLR Ego One heads should fit. The device is very light, small and nicely built. I really liked the drip-tip. I also liked the filling principle – you just unscrew the tank and drop the e-liquid closer to the outer side. The stop pin on the airflow control ring is also useful – it prevents the ring from rotating when you un/screw the tank. Well, let’s fill it up and try to vape. There is vape. Not much taste on my DYI, but I added a few more aroma drops at now the taste is ok. Not great, but decent. Now let’s go to the thermo control part. This is not TC in classic understanding, which is preventing dry fires. Here TC is limiting the temperature at roughly 500 and regulating the power to keep it at 500 degree Fahrenheit, or 260 Celsius. This protects from both nickel oxides forming at above 1000 degree Fahrenheit, and glycerin breaking into harmful akrolein at above 600 degrees Fahrenheit. But it doesn’t prevent from dry cotton frying. However, the manufacturer is soon to address the issue and introduce their version of dry fire prevention in a newer device. In general, I’m neutral about the product – it is one of the many for non-sophisticated user. I like the clearomizer, too bad it’s 20mm and not 22mm like most of them. I tried to vape it on a mechanical mod, but only for this footage – it’s dangerous to vape nickel on mechanical mods, don’t do it! I would like to get a rebuidable deck and keep the device as a backup in case my main mod is broken, and also to take it out to drunk parties, to avoid the risk of loosing my main mod. This may have some issues as the battery life is really short, but since it can be charged by any USB charger found almost everywhere, that kinda leverages the issue. It is a bit overpriced, but discounting it to say 25 USD gives us a nice mod for beginners. The coils last about 3 weeks, and the device should last at least several months – enough to give up smoking, turn to vaping and figuring out what your next device should be.

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