Useless gifts

There’s no joy left in souvenirs right after purchase, however, dusting them can be a pain.

So at some moment, you just grab all of them and drag to the waste bin. Or box in your garage. And if you have enough brains to stop wasting money keeping the crafters of this shit in business and depleting our planet resources, many of your friends and family don’t. Some of them just can’t come to you empty handed! This is especially true about aunts and grannies. Get rid of their presents with cold blooded vigour. Even if this particular ugly china figure was given by your loving mommy! Remember, your home is your territory, don’t allow anyone to place their shit in it. Timeo danaos et dona ferentes! However, it seems you can find some use for seeming ly useless stuff, like this stone scarab – a default souvenir from Egypt. It makes a perfect soldering iron stand! Rock has unique thermal properties, so it doesn’t char unlike wood and doesn’t conduct heat unlike metal.

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