Grohe Shower Hose

Fabulous shower hose by Grohe. The striking trait – it has another, transparent hose over the metal thread.

They say it is very, very reliable and lasts forever. Well the first thing you notice – there is no usual nut for a wrench , just some knurl to tighten it by hand. The problem is you can’t really tighten anything by your bare hands, so this part will unscrew all the time causing leaks. But the main concern – it is too stiff! Just look – it’s almost parallel to the ground and curls in large circles. It is in fact so stiff, that it stands like well-worn men’s socks! So every shower is like snake charming. The best part happens at night. The water inside the hose cools, it shrinks and becomes springy, and… …it pulls the shower head out of its place and it falls to the bath floor with thundering noise. This hose it more like connector hose than shower one. It is worth mentioning that a plain shower hose does have a nut, doesn’t curl and is very soft and easy to operate. And the main thing – it cost 4.5 times less! This it is probably a better idea to buy 4 of these – each one will last at least a year, then invest in this Genuine made in Germany quality which you just can’t use.

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