Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped

Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped.

Well, first lets try to reinstall those gapps, which is a shortcut for Google apps – Hangouts, Play store, Gmail, etc. These are proprietary Google creations not covered by Android Open Source license, so if you use a custom ROM like Cyanogen mod, you have to install those gapps separately. This is done via install zip in CWM recovery, To download gapps, let’s try to use Gapps Manager. Check you Android version in the settings, and then download corresponding gapps package. Doesn’t download. Let’s try again – doesn’t download. Well, probably this gapps manager is just trying to capitalize on original CyanogenMod site which coincidentally was down at the moment of download. Moreover, Gapps Manager only downloads the package, it does not install it. So you will still need to boot into recovery and manually install the gapps. So fuck this shit. Ok, let’s try other ways to get rid of this error. The first option is to find Google Services Framework in your apps. Clear all app data and cache, and reboot. The error still pops up. Next candidate is the Downloads app, which also stays resident ly in the device processes to track updates in the Play store and automatically downloads updated apps. Stop it and reboot. The error is still here. Now find Downloads Manager, clear all its data, stop it and reboot the device. The error is still here. Well, the last option is to clear dalvikcache. Dalvik is a sort of virtual machine…nevermind. Just clear it’s cache through CWM Recovery. After reboot, the apps will start to reinstall themselves on your device. Too bad it didn’t help to remove this gapps process error. I’ve ran out of ideas. Some say you can also Reset App Preferences from the apps settings. You may also try to reinstall those gapps through recovery as I advised in the beginning. Better yet, update your device to the latest Android version.

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