Easy faucet cleansing

There are only two reasons for weak water flow: either the pressure is low or the faucet is clogged.
If your kitchen faucet has a good steady flow, and your bathroom faucet doesn’t, that means the pressure is ok, but the faucet or the rube is clogged.

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Best way to store electronic cigarette liquid

If you’re an enthusiastic vaper, you probably have several e-juice bottles.
Since e-liquid consists mainly of food additives, this makes it basically
food. And food should be stored in the fridge.


Easy tankless water heater installation

Most of us have central water heater. However, you may have no hot water during maintenance or repairs. Instead of boiling water on the stove and washing from a cup, you may quickly install an instantaneous water heater.


Easy way to get timecodes for Youtube transcripts

Creating subtitles is a long and tedious process, even if you have a transcript.
However, if you do have a transcript for your video, you can try automatic timecode option in Youtube.

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How to clean jewelry without chemicals

If scrubbing your jewelry or dentures is a tedious process with unsatisfactory results, and you are concerned about putting cleaning chemicals onto your body and into your mouth, try using an ultrasonic cleaner.


Drawbacks of the cheapest 16Gb Wi-Fi only iPad

All iPads within the same product line share the same platform. That means, that means you get the same performance regardless of the built-in storage flash memory capacity and the 3G/4G modem.
But what exactly are you missing by investing in the cheapest iPad 3 16Gb without 3G/LTE modem?


How to report a site which content makes no sense

If you ever used a search engine, you probably came across sites, which fearure all the words exactly from your search query. However, when you click on the page URL in search results, the actual text is just random words that make no sense.
This is called auto-generated content, which is scam. Did you know you could report such sites?


Auto launch VNC server on Ubuntu startup

VNC is a great cross-platform remote access solution. If you have a display-less linux box, you probably would like it to auto-start VNC at boot.


How to assemble office chair

So, you decided to throw away that broken chair and get a new swivel one? Good for you!

Here’s a little video manual how to assemble a chair in 5 minutes.


Easy switch default playback device in one click

Even though Windows XP allowed to play audio through several devices simultaneously, newer versions like Vista, Windows 7 and 8 lacks this ability. You cannot play music through both headphone and line out, or digital S/PDIF out and HDMI out at the same time. The roots for this Microsoft decision can only be speculated.
Switching a default audio playback device requires at least 5 clicks, which is annoying and frustrating if you do it daily.