Best way to store electronic cigarette liquid

If you’re an enthusiastic vaper, you probably have several e-juice bottles.
Since e-liquid consists mainly of food additives, this makes it basically
food. And food should be stored in the fridge.

However, if you’re a hardcore vaper and mix your e-juice yourself, you probably have way too many bottles that could occupy too much valuable shelf space.
So build a separate shelf for e-juice!
Most refrigerators have a dead spot on the door, where nothing could be
placed. So just take an ice container, punch 4 holes on the sides with
a heated paperclip, insert some wire and tie it to the egg compartment.
Most egg compartments already have ventilation holes for the wire to go
through, and egg stand to cover everything.
It is really convenient to have all bottles at hand with their labels visible
so you don’t have to dongle through every last of them to find the needed

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