How to clean jewelry without chemicals

If scrubbing your jewelry or dentures is a tedious process with unsatisfactory results, and you are concerned about putting cleaning chemicals onto your body and into your mouth, try using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Fill the ultrasonic bath 2/3 with warm boiled water and add one spoon of liquid dishwashing detergent. For hard stains use dishwashing machine powder instead of dishwashing liquid. Get dirty and stained jewelry and submerge into the water. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner bath on desired power (60Wt) and wait for the cleaning cycle to finish (99 seconds).For best results, several cleaning cycles may be required.
Ultrasonic cleaner uses cavitation, which is physical process involving alternating pressure in liquids. Ultrasonic generator (40kHz) inside the unit creates air bubbles. Reaching the jewelry surface, the bubbles pop and blast away the dirt. The process increases the cleaning liquid efficiency and does not require strong chemicals.

Ultrasonic bath could also be used for cleaning

  • electronic boards, circuits and components of complicated shape
  • glasses, lenses and other optical devices without peeling coating
  • dentures, braces and other dental appliances
  • medical, laboratory, manicure and other instruments
  • injectors, carburators, valves and other engine parts.
  • So you’re sure to find a lot of applications for the device at your home.

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