Store clothes till next season

If you live in a shitty climate, you obviously need to have a least 3 or even four sets of clothes for different weather conditions: one for cold, one for mild, one for warm, and maybe one for those rare heatwaves that still happen in your area.

If you leave outside suburban America, you most probably have very crumpled living space, like most people in the world do. Here comes the paradox: on one hand, you need lots of clothes to withstand the climate, on the other, you have very limited storage space to keep it. So, what’s the plan? Get some plastic boxes on wheels like this, with tight lids. Not only they protect your threads from light, humidity and dust, but they also allow to store seasonal clothes in areas otherwise not suitable for apparel storage, like under the bed, atop closets, on the entresols. There is also a way to dramatically increase each box capacity, which normally holds say a pair of winter pants and a short warm jacket, by using vacuum storage bags. Carefully place your clothes inside it, trying to wrap all sharp edges like zippers with layers of fabric. Then seal the bag with the help of a bundled plastic shuttle. Now unscrew the valve lid and connect a vacuum cleaner. After the air is removed from the bag, replace the valve lid. You may also tape the shuttle to the valve so you won’t loose it. So, lets compare. Now the box holds not only those two pieces of clothes, but a full-length hooded winter gown. Place some extra gloves and hats, close the lid and roll the box to your storage location of choice until next season. These vacuum storage bags are a life saver when you travel, since you can fit lots of things in to a most modest suitcase. However, you rarely have access to a vacuum cleaner in a hotel, so you may get a small plastic pump. Using it to compress the bags is not as efficient as a vacuum cleaner, but it is still better than nothing. And one more thing I would like to address is concerns that after using this bags, clothes stink and look like shit. Well, I’ve been using them for a few years and can say that is definitely not true. First, you have to store, and for that matter, wear clean and dry clothes, so it won’t smell. I even keep my coats in those bags. They look wrinkled at first, but in couple of days completely restore their look without a trace of decompression.

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